Are you Cycling, Walking, Driving?

As part of the system emphasis has been placed on public and non-motorised transportation (NMT) which is also referred to as Active Transportation or Human Powered Transportation. Non-motorised transportation includes walking and cycling and other forms of transport that do not use an engine. The RRT Directorate has invested considerable resources towards improving sidewalks, cross walks, paths and bike lanes so that there is harmony and a working balance between non-motorised transportation modes and motorised transport.

Non-motorised transportation will also lead to a significant reduction in pollution, improve air quality and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases which worsen the effects of climate change.

For a full list of signs to look for, Click Here.

Yarona and Road Safety

Bus Rapid Transit System [BRT] is crucial to the success of South Africa’s transport system. Without a good bus service that is accessible, affordable and attractive to a broad range of people across society, local transport simply cannot work. The implementation of the BRT is seen as an economic development project with short, medium and long-term impacts and benefits. The project team wants all users, pedestrians and motorists along the route to be safe.

  • Obey the rules of the road.
  • If you are a motorist, do not drive in the dedicated lane reserved for buses.
  • If you are a pedestrian, only cross at the pedestrian crossing.
  • If you are a user, do not try and stop the bus when it’s not at a bus stop. You can only get on or off the buses at bus stops or stations.

Benefits of NMT for the user:

  • Timesaving and effortless
  • Contribution to the City’s employment
  • Improves your health
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Safer Traffic
  • Reduction of Environmental Pollution
  • Saves Costs

Are you ready to for the next steps?

Linda Hlatshwayo

Communications Unit Manager

Ms Linda Ntombikayise Hlatshwayo holds a BA Communications Degree from the North-West University. She is currently studying towards the completion of B.Soc Science honours degree in Peace studies and International Relations. Hlatshwayo, an accomplished authority in Advertising, Public Relations and Tourism joined the Rustenburg Local Municipality in 2015 as Unit Manager Communications responsible for providing and maintaining an efficient internal and external communications service to the RRT. Ms Hlatshwayo has experience in both the private and public sector and has a little over 12 years in the communications industry. Prior to her joining the RRT, she was the Marketing Coordinator for the National Home Builders Registration Council North West (NHBRC) and before that she was the Head of Communications at Mahikeng Local Municipality. In addition, she was part of the AFCON 2013 team that delivered the Rustenburg games as the Media Operations Manager where she was exposed to both local and international media. Moreover, she has held positions at Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) as the Public Relations Officer as well as SASSA (South African Social Security Agency as a Senior Communications Officer.

Having had a colorful work history, in her current role, she contributes towards ensuring seamless communication for the Municipality where it relates to the RRT project, so that a positive public image and reputation of the entity is maintained at all times.

Maintaining healthy relations within the organisation and all stakeholders is her daily occupation. She is also responsible for promoting the growing Yarona brand and also acts as the Yarona spokesperson. In addition, she facilitates media briefings, arranges media interviews and produces press statements in order to keep stakeholders abreast with the developments within the RRT.

Hlatshwayo has an excellent record in building crucial relations and an environment of trust and professional interaction with the local and national media to promote Yarona and handles inquiries. She is looking forward to positioning Yarona as a brand to be reckoned with especially heading towards the launching of the system in 2016!