Education, Health and Transport Highest Priority for South Africans

South Africans believe that the most critical issues facing the country are education, health and transport, an indication that transport is one of the priority areas that they would like government to address.

This was revealed at the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) 2017 by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (Africa) when presenting its State of Transport Opinion Poll South Africa (TOPSA) 2012-2017 results. TOPSA is an annual survey of 1,000 adults across South Africa which investigates the public’s opinions on transport matters and determines whether confidence in public transport is changing. It also provides an original contribution in that it represents the only public opinion survey on transport matters in South Africa.

The survey focused on whether South Africans believe transport should be a national priority, which are the highest priority issues in transport, whether there are perceived changes in transport conditions locally as well as nationally and patterns in public transport use.

The results of the survey revealed that in 2015, for the fourth year in row, South Africans identified education as the highest priority issue in the country, closely followed by health and transport. It also revealed that with regards to transport, of most concern is the quality, accessibility and frequency of public transport, safety, taxi related concerns, the condition of road infrastructure and affordability.

In 2012, only 47% of the respondents believed transport was a high priority and four years later in 2015, the number had risen to 74%, suggesting that despite some improvements in public transport in certain areas, these are inadequate to address transport issues experienced by South Africans.

The results of the survey are illustrated in the table below. (#SATC2017)