What is Rapid Transport?

Rapid transport is bringing a transport revolution to the cities of South Africa. A rapid transport system provides an integrated transport network of  safer, faster, affordable and more efficient public transport. It operates on fully or partly dedicated roads and transport routes. It connects with existing systems of rail, buses and minibus taxis, ensuring that people can move much more easily around a city and regions.

About Rustenburg

Rustenburg is one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa and is taking the lead as a smart African city. With the bright future that lies ahead for Rustenburg, both in mining and agriculture, the Rustenburg Municipality is actively managing the rapid transformation and growth in the area via its 2025 Rustenburg City Development Strategy. A key focus for the development of Rustenburg is the new Rustenburg Rapid Transport system.

About the RRT Project

The first phases of the Rustenburg Rapid Transport project are due to launch during 2016 and will service the residents of the Rustenburg Municipality through an integrated transport network that will include BRT trunk corridors, direct routes and feeder services. The total public transport system comprises four phases and aims to cover 80% of the municipality. These routes will link with a wider network of bus and taxi routes across the district to ensure that everyone has access to fast, reliable, safe and affordable transport within easy walking distance from their homes and places of work.

National Government Transport Policy

Rustenburg is one of 13 cities around South Africa selected by National Government to implement a public transport improvement project.